Design Consultation Services


You love antiques, but have trouble finding how to use them and integrate them into your existing furniture, objects, look and style. I have a life-long obsession with design, objects, and their histories. I can provide an objective eye, a new point of view, a design sensibility, and some pretty good ideas.

I can help you find the perfect object, a great old piece for your specific need, whether it’s an interesting six-foot shelf, or a container for your firewood.¬†Finding the right pieces can help create some meaning, give your living space character, and really make it yours.

And rather than a collection of isolated pieces, your space can come together into a fluid and integrated sensibility. I can arrange and rearrange your existing furniture and treasures and help you find new ones. I can help with difficult problems and spaces, or assist with a refresh. Your home can be just the place you want to be. I can help.

I can generally assess and consult for you in four to six hours. Fees are hourly plus any travel expenses. Please give me a call to see how I can help you.


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