About Blue Door

My Philosophy

For me, it’s all about that one stellar object. And these things tend to be pretty old and imperfect. Old things have palpable character and soul. They have been in the hands of others, in family’s homes for generations, across continents, and are often pretty utilitarian. Not everything ages well, and some unexpected everyday objects become extraordinary. They are better old.

These objects can ground a space in a simple and beautiful way. I love slowing down enough to take note of the beautifully imperfect and weathered relics around us. And it’s all the more appealing when an old object has modern sensibility.

I like a combination of both useable objects and artifacts, which have evolved into unique and modern design elements. This is the real stuff. This is not mass-produced.

About Me

I live in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. I find these treasures in my travels throughout New England and the world. I am eager to share their beauty with you.
— Corrina Gitterman








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